Building Healthy Local Communities Together

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OUR VALUES: Respect; Partnerships; Innovations; Customer First; Integrity
What We Do
                           Our Promise: ACCESSIBLE QUALITY CARE      
Blossom Health Hub is an integrated primary healthcare provider as a Community Health Partnership that links primary and specialist services, health and social care, leading to greater integration of services. Conveniently located within low to medium income residential neighborhoods and regional cities 24/7Hours. Blossom Health Hub is proud of the diversity and wide professional and consumer expertise it mutually owns with local communities. Our Current Branches: Zimbabwe Harare (HQ); Tanzania-Dares Salaam; Ilala District; & Papua New Guinea-Port Moresby. We offer Medical, Ultra-Sound Scan Services; Nursing, Physiotherapy, Scientific Wellness Programs and Walk-In Nursing Services as well as Free Community Services such as Free Blood Pressure, Temperature and Weight Checks

Our Services
We are specialized in Low Cost Intergrated Primary Health Care.
  1. Family Physician Practice
    Our practice can offer many different medical products and services including:General practice; Wound care and chronic wound management; Post-operative care Women’s health; Skin checks; Investigative procedures Men’s health Sports medicine Children’s health and pediatric care Travel medicine/immunisations Acupuncture Chronic disease management Electrolysis Audiograms - hearing tests Visual assessments & colour blindness tests
  2. Nursing & Walk-In Services
    The service operates a 24 Hour Walk-In or Commuter Health Service to cater for those in need of urgent care. Walk-In after Hours service is Nurse Led and mainly targeted at those in need of accident and emergency care before transfer to hospital if needed. The service compliments the public health centers to reduce pressure on Public A & E. We are open 24/7. Speed of access, convenience of location or opening hours. Waiting times for consultations are shorter (median 10 minutes) and consultation times are longer (median 14 minutes) than is typical of other general practices.
  3. Occupational Therapy
    The main focus of BHH Occupational Therapy is on re-ablement with a key focus on restoring independence rather than resolving healthcare issues. Evidence based practice (Lewin 2010) significantly associate re-ablement with better health-related quality of life and social care outcomes compared with the medical model of health promotion. The re-ablement OT position at Blossom Health Hub aims to maximize independence within patients’ environmental contexts by removing environmental barriers, reducing carer contact hours with clients and assisting people to regain practical skills and confidence. We provide home based services and outpatient services with the aim of supporting clients to remain living at home independently. The services we provide will enable them to maintain or regain independence, well-being and quality of life.
  4. Scientific Wellness Programs
    With use of non-evasive magnetic resonance high technology to diagnose up to 45 body systemic functions with 99.9% accuracy rate within an average of 2 minutes, the scientific wellness program is the new P4 scientific approach to revolutionize the health care system from a disease focus to a global or holistic approach focusing on physical, physiological, social and mental aspects of health. The four P thrusts that converge to give rise to scientific wellness program are: Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory (implying that the individual is at the Centre of the health care plan). At the Centre of achieving the basic communities’ wellness are key features such as having a good heart and a good liver. The wellness program is supported by personalized data driven process improvements, the digitalization’s of self-measurements (e’g. blood pressure monitors, weight-watch drivers). BHH offers free blood pressure temperature and weight checks to members of the public as a way to help them to actively monitor own health and enrolls in our scientific wellness programs. Key Objectives are: To demystify disease, which has been a classical focus for traditional healthcare services; to quantify wellness and re-orient the communities’ resources towards wellness rather than a reactionary approach to disease management; to engage and enroll community members on the wellness program based on quantified scientific evidence such as obesity metrics, blood metrics, heart care metrics, and a snapshot review of key healthcare outcomes indicator areas: smoking, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, liver & kidney diseases (alcohol drinking); to improve the productive and quality of full life to each individual using scientific metrics to evaluate health status, identify new health challenges, prescribe a wellness (exercise and nutrition) program and follow up with the intention to halt disease progression, extend longevity and promote healthy lifestyles; & reduce individual healthcare expenditure and optimize human potential through wellness.
  5. Consumer Council
    The core principles of Blossom Health Hub are premised around intersectional collaboration; health promotion; community health; and comprehensive care with a focus on addressing not just health issues but the broader socio-economic determinants of health. Our engagement strategy is very centralized on our key stakeholders and gaining the right to seek record and utilize stakeholder intelligence through monthly consultative meetings. The core engagement strategies address the need to build sustainable public health policy; creating supportive environments; strengthening community action; developing personal skills (health education); and reorienting health services to promote access and choices for consumers.
About Us
The Blossom Health Hub Service’s (BHHS) purpose is to deliver quality health services focused on patients and families that reflect the needs of the local community.  We will do this by investing in our workforce, engaging the local community and encouraging innovation in future plans that maximize the value of our resources and infrastructure.  Our five pledges (Customer First Respect Integrity Partnership Innovations) have been carefully considered and are fully aligned with the Blossom Health Hub’s Master Blueprint for building better healthcare and healthy local communities. These will guide and inform the development and delivery of services