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Our Services
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    Family Physician Services
    Our practice can offer many different medical products and services including: Family Physician Services; Wound care and chronic wound management; Women’s health; Men’s health; Sports medicine Children’s health; Chronic disease management Visual assessments;
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    Scientific Wellness Programs
    At the Centre of achieving the basic communities’ wellness are key features such as having a good heart and a good liver. The wellness program is supported by personalized data driven process improvements, the digitalization’s of self-measurements (e’g. blood pressure monitors, weight-watch drivers). BHH offers free BP; temperature and weight checks to members of the public
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    Nursing & Walk In Services
    The service operates a 24 Hour Walk-In or Commuter Health Service to cater for those in need of urgent care. Walk-In after Hours service is Nurse Led and mainly targeted at those in need of accident and emergency care before transfer to hospital if needed. The service compliments the public health centers to reduce pressure on Public Hospitals A & E services over-utilization
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    Physiotherapy & Re-Ablement Programs
    The core activities of the physiotherapy team is on re-ablement as a key strategy for reducing inequality, improving access to primary health care, increasing collaboration between primary and secondary services, and reducing ambulatory sensitive admissions. The re-ablement process involves empowering service consumers to self-manage their complex conditions to maintain high quality of life
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    In view of integrated care, Blossom Health Hub is implementing community pharmacies within its facilities to improve equity of access to patients and the general public consumers. It is the bedrock of a system that not only delivers great outcomes for patients but also great value to the public health care systems
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    Blossom Ergonomics consultants provide expert knowledge in the area of office ergonomics, personalized health and wellness, sports medicine, corporate health management, injury management, OHS and will assess the organizations needs and develop achievable goals and solutions.
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    Ultra-Sound Scan
    An essential therapeutic service undertaken by accredited sonographers in a wide range of specializations such as: General Ultrasound Procedures across human anatomy; Gender Scans to offer a unique service to all parents, providing them with the chance to take their very first glimpse at their unborn baby in utero with our 3D/4D ultrasound technology; vascular scans, dating scans, and anatomy scans
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    Occupational Therapy
    Ensures the provision of home based services and outpatient services with the aim of supporting clients to remain living at home. The services provided enable clients to maintain or regain independence, wellbeing and quality of life. Working across outpatient, Occupational Health rehabilitation and community settings, the OT provides rehab & restorative care. as key features of the re-ablement program
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    Quality Control Systems
    At Blossom Health Hub we subscribe and implement the Baldridge Criteria to enhance organizational effectiveness in key areas such as patient safety, consumer responsiveness, leadership capabilities, results-oriented clinical and non-clinical activities, communication and evaluation of service performances.
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    Electronic Medical Record Documentation
    The electronic medical record documentation is a key feature of Blossom Health Hub's clinical governance systems. It offers a framework for timely and objective clinical communication among healthcare providers, in an effective and cost minimization manner. Medical record documentation is a crucial form of communication between medical, allied health and admin staff.
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    BHH Operations & Strategy Manager is our facility manager and reports to the Group Manager. Realignment of funding to enable innovation and better support multidisciplinary working in primary health care service delivery. Activity Based Actual and Projected Budget Costing
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    Consumer Council
    The Consumer Council is an important service that forms the core Blossom Health Hub relationship management strategy. The Consumer Council is a BHH process for determining and customizing health care service offerings that serve BHH patients, other customers, and markets; for enabling patients and other customers to seek information and support; and for identifying patient and other customer groups
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