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Blossom Health Hub Strategy: 2016-2020


Translating BHH Strategies into Action
It is a clearly defined strategy that is critical to driving successful implementation of BHH action plans across Medica. Nursing, Allied Health and Consumer Council Services. It clearly articulates a 3-Tier Health Policy Levered Service in terms of: Stakeholder Voice in use for continous branding of BHH; Cost Management measures aimed at achieving financial sustainability, business expansion and profitability then systems capacity and capbilities to ensure safe, equitable and quality care. Unless integration is planned and executed with precision the upfront investment involved in achieving the deal closure will have been wasted. The following are practical mandatory steps to enhance strategy implementation:

Articulate each strategy in a way that ensures that goals and vision are achievable

Strategy One: The key deliverable is to ensure that everyone involved is on the same page as to the blueprint and performance expectations & to identify clear and practical steps for each service implementation

Key deliverable One: Clear, logical and practical steps are contained in the roadmap

Strategy Two: Provide flexible solutions

Key deliverable Two: Ensure that the delivery environment is flexible both within and outside.

Strategy Three: Align delivery with the strategy

Key deliverable Three: make current programs and supports supportive of the strategy

Strategy Four: Measure success

Key deliverable Four: make some investments and avoid common pitfalls such as celebrating too early, short cuts and non-essential investments. Identify data driven measures of success.